Dream Impossible Dreams and Discover the Unknown Possibilities

I bow to the spirit that lies within you and I honor that spirit as it is the same in me.

Having lived most of my adult life (although some will question if I am really an adult or not) in Asia, I have found myself drawn to the Eastern philosophies of Buddhism, Hinduism and The Tao. Each of these have sculptured my thought and the way to live life. Though meditation (remember, it's not what you think) and inward retrospection I try to find the balance between the West and the East. For me, Japan has been the door to both modernization and simplicity. I have used the art of photography to capture the life and scenery, the architecture and foods of the eastern cultures of the South Asian, Far East and Southeast Asian world. Enjoy and remember that respect and understanding of that which isn't familiar is the essence behind the word Namaste.