India: Faces
Child of Varinasi.jpg
Girl selling flowers in Dhaka 98.jpg
Young boy in Reshikesh 98.jpg
After Morning Bath in the Gangas River Varinasi 98.jpg
Baba of Vackala, Kerala 1993.jpg
Babas in Haridwar, Uttar Predesh 98.jpg
Baba of Haridwar Khumba Mela 98.jpg
Naked Baba doing Yoga Khumba mela 98.jpg
Children of Reshikesh 98.jpg
Begging Baba in Reshikesh 98-1.jpg
Dressing for festival time in Reshikesh 98.jpg
Haridwar Khumba Mela 98.jpg
Khumba Mela 98.jpg
Reading Sacred Text in Hariwar
Old Begging Woman in Reshikesh.jpg
Pretty young girl.jpg
Young girl in Alley of Varinasi 98.jpg
Young girl of Reshikesh 98.jpg
2 Brothers in Reshikesh 98.jpg
Children On The Ganges With Thier Puppies
Children of India 11
Children of India 3
Children of India 4
Children of India 5
Children of India 6
Children of India 7
Children of India 8
Children of India 9
Children of India
Holy Man In Mahabalipurum, Tamil-Nadu 1993
Indian Woman Working The Rice Fields
Reshikesh Traveling Baba 2
Reshikesh Traveling Baba 3
Reshikesh Traveling Baba
Ricshaw Whalas of Calcutta
Young Boy From Kodaikanel, Tamil-Nadu 1993
Beautiful Girl From Vakala, Kerala 1993